The Elvis of Mythical Creatures

November 03, 2022 Annie Wylde & Nikki Van De Car Season 1 Episode 4
The Elvis of Mythical Creatures
Show Notes
Chapter 4: Nikki's culinary tinkering results in a delightfully strange outcome: people like her food and want to pay to eat it! However Bartleby's hijinks are just getting started, as he parks himself in a cemetery and starts upsetting the funereal statuary. Over at the Annie's abode--aka Spooky Central--Annie summons the courage to read the ghost-authored story she channeled during her possession ordeal and finds it even more sad and disturbing than she anticipated. Fortunately, the mystical forces that be finally allow Annie and Nikki to talk in real time! And not a moment too soon, because Nikki has quite the tale to tell about an improbable encounter with a certain mythical creature and his odious yeti-obsessed groupie...

Annie: Annie Wylde
Nikki: Nikki Van De Car

Spokelore is written, edited, and produced by Annie Wylde and Nikki Van De Car
Credit song: Cryptid (Mothman) by Ratwyfe (Spotify / Bandcamp)

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