Seeing and Being Seen: Spectral Entity Edition

November 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 5
Seeing and Being Seen: Spectral Entity Edition
Show Notes

Chapter 5: Annie finally performs a successful séance with the assistance of some circling context, Internal Family Systems applications and, perhaps more controversially, just a lil’ bit of low-key possession. The two begin to bond over a shared appreciation for Patrick Swayze’s hotness in Ghost and Annie is somewhat gratified to know that her knee pain is  equally unpleasant for the possessor as the possessee. As Annie ponders the utility of spectral validation for chronic pain sufferers, Nikki has a rather adverse reaction to these events; she’s not jealous of her friend’s new ghostly roommate, certainly not--nope, not at all. She’s just feeling a little lonely and bewildered by her own forestalled arrival. Meanwhile, Nikki arrives in Nashville, where she inadvertently brews up some of Odin’s mead of poetry, prompting hillbillies to start spouting Eddeic odes to barbeque sauce and other absurdities. And when ripped t-shirt guy makes yet another appearance, his warnings about the unforeseen consequences of culinary magic are not well received. After all, where's the harm in leaving a town full of dubious poets in your wake?

Annie: Annie Wylde
Nikki: Nikki Van De Car

Spokelore is written, edited, and produced by Annie Wylde and Nikki Van De Car
Credit song: Cryptid (Mothman) by Ratwyfe (Spotify / Bandcamp)

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