The Library of Precious Found Things

November 17, 2022 Annie Wylde & Nikki Van De Car Season 1 Episode 6
The Library of Precious Found Things
Show Notes

In Chapter 6, Nikki and Annie find themselves fraught with magical imposter syndrome, prompting some choices that turn out to be, well, pretty ill-advised. Nikki's magic escalates to unfortunate heights when a mishap with goblin fruit induces a Christina Rosetti bacchanal of orgiastic proportions. As she is saved yet again from the gluttonous masses by her mercurial folklorist, Nikki is suitably chastened and shunned by Bartleby and Squonk. Meanwhile, Annie finally stumbles upon the key to her ghost's sea cave and finds within its dripping walls a swoon-worthy workshop of magical artifacts, as well as a journal with a possible solution to free Linnea from her dismal afterlife. But Annie also finds something else in the cave that she didn't expect--a door containing something that Linnea has kept hidden for over a century, and which every instinct tells her not to open...

Annie: Annie Wylde
Nikki: Nikki Van De Car

Spokelore is written, edited, and produced by Annie Wylde and Nikki Van De Car
Credit song: Cryptid (Mothman) by Ratwyfe (Spotify / Bandcamp)

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