Skeletons Don't Lock Themselves in Closets

December 01, 2022 Annie Wylde & Nikki Van De Car Season 1 Episode 7
Skeletons Don't Lock Themselves in Closets
Show Notes

Chapter 7 of Spokelore reveals what we all knew to be true: there were totally skeletons behind that locked cave door. After Annie successfully performs the soul-binding ritual, Linnea's response to her newfound freedom is a little less grateful than anticipated. But incorporeal communication remains spotty as ever. Annie performs another seance via telegraph machine, in which she learns that she has inadvertently freed more than Linnea's spirit from the house... there is something dark and dangerous that has been let back into the world as well. Meanwhile Nikki’s food truck shenanigans continue apace, but with sadly only mild interference from Neil the wandering folklorist. Though she resolves to limit her culinary antics to small magicks, she finds herself yearning for the wild and unpredictable faerie feasts that set her heart alight.

Annie: Annie Wylde
Nikki: Nikki Van De Car

Spokelore is written, edited, and produced by Annie Wylde and Nikki Van De Car
Credit song: Cryptid (Mothman) by Ratwyfe (Spotify / Bandcamp)

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