What are Men to Rocks and Mountains

December 09, 2022 Annie Wylde & Nikki Van De Car Season 1 Episode 8
What are Men to Rocks and Mountains
Show Notes

In Chapter 8 of Spokelore, we find out that Annie has not gone MIA, but is simply and suddenly…so tired. Her bones and joints ache, her energy is gone, and she feels increasingly isolated in the house without Linnea. But lonely though she may be, she also has a sneaking suspicion that once again there may be another presence in the house, and this time it is a decidedly unfriendly one. Meanwhile, Nikki’s magical and romantic entanglements come to a climax (heyo). A stop at a handsome mechanic’s shop to treat Bartleby’s ongoing petulance results in a masculine standoff and a surprise romantic dinner with Neil. And as Nikki and Neil find themselves stranded together in a snowstorm, Annie receives a fresh burst of inspiration (despite her recent descent into Victorian waifdom) that impels her to finish her book. But when Nikki begins to read Annie’s manuscript, she finally realizes that something is indeed very, very wrong, and she must get to Annie before something terrible happens.


Annie: Annie Wylde
Nikki: Nikki Van De Car

Spokelore is written, edited, and produced by Annie Wylde and Nikki Van De Car
Credit song: Cryptid (Mothman) by Ratwyfe (Spotify / Bandcamp)

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